Air Sport C-Ring

Air Sport C-Ring
Air Sport C-Ring
Air Sport C-Ring
Air Sport C-Ring
Air Sport C-Ring
Air Sport C-Ring

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Super light airflow cockring with 12 ventilation holes

Made from our new super-soft, stretchy PLUS+SILICONE™TPR/siliconeblend--strong like TPR but warm soft blubbery feel like silicone

Holes and ergonomic design make this our lightest larger-size cockring

Thisis a long-wear bulge enhancing cockring designed for comfortHoles keep lube and sweat where you want it

Softstretchy ring doesn’t pinchor dig into the skin

DESCRIPTION: AIR is acockring with an entirely new look and feel...a larger size ring that’saslight as hot air. It’s made of our firmer,super-stretch PLUS+SILICONE™TPR/siliconeblend; it has therubbery stretch ofsilicone butthe strength ofTPR. This is a bulge enhancing cockring--it pushes everything up and out but doesn’t grip too tightly, dig or pinch.

Material, care and country of origin info: 

PLUS+SILICONE™ TPR/Silicone blend,non-toxic...and phthalate free.

LUBE SAFE:Water-based or silicone.

CARE:Wash after use in warm soapy water, air dry. Store toys separately: we recommend breathable cloth pouches or cotton socks.

DIMENSIONS:Width: 2.5”

Height: .75 –1”

Outer circumference: 7.5”

Inner Circumference: 4.25”Weight: 1.2 oz


DIMENSIONS:Height:6”/15.24 cm

Width:4”/10.16 cmDepth:1.25”/3.18 cmWeight:2 oz

Made in CHINA

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